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UK Deductive Essay

Deductive essay is written by taking into account what you know about the essay topic and the set of clues given. The writing of deductive essay is based on deductive reasoning that is, you weigh what you know against the given information and then come up with conclusions. The writing of deductive essay, therefore, can be an arduous task if you have no information on the essay topic. Deductive essay also calls for understanding of the essay question/topic and thorough preparation. It also requires use of factual information to support your statements.
Deductive essay
writing follows these 3 steps;

●      Premise
this is a fact or a belief e.g. an elephant is a mammal

●      Evidence

- is the information you possess, e.g. I have seen an elephant

●      Conclusion

- your analysis of both premise and evidence; I have a mammal.Just like other essays, your deductive essay should be well structured and arranged in a logical manner. If you don’t know how to write or structure your deductive essay, then is the place to be.

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